stress is obstacle to weight loss

At some point in time we are at fault for eating regardless of hungry. In many cases we eat to alleviate stressful situations, anger, annoyances, depression, more stress, while socializing and sometimes because others are eating.

Stress levels are a major complication to our life and overall health. It has been found that stress can be so severe it could kill a person. Usually while the body is under a heightened level of stress it releases even higher levels of stress hormones such as adrenalin, which helps the body deal with a stressful issues or situations. Part of adrenalins function under stress is to prepare the body by increasing the metabolism (BMI) and activates another hormone into the blood stream called cortisone.

While these reactions are in progress stress can also increase the release of harmful cholesterol levels in the body that affects bloods pressure. While this is the typically stress related reaction everyone encounters, it becomes very dangerous for a person who is already suffering from obesity since their weight levels add to an increased blood pressure and influx in hormonal releases levels. This reaction can be dangerous for and obese person even if the stress factor is very low.

Best thing to do when a feeling of being stressed out is upon you, take a time out for a minute and reevaluate the issue to determine if it is worth sacrificing your health over. Good part about taking a time out is most people realize that the situation is really not worth the risk. Especially when the problem is out of your control most often you’ll find that there’s really nothing you can do about it and no need to stress at this point. It’s when people can bring themselves to a stress time out that they use food to satisfy the battle against stress.

The funny thing about stress is that it can affect eating habits opposite of the pole. For example depending on the level of stress some people may overeat while others won’t eat at all. Most often this is present with emotional stress that will provoke a person to go on an eating binge or fast. Since there’s no true way to remove all stress from your life finding a way to manage stress and reduce the level of stress is the goal.

Try a few of these stress management techniques of the time out method does not produce the relief you need to avoid from overeating:

  1. Yoga
  2. Meditation
  3. Exercising, stretching
  4. Go for a walk
  5. Get a massage or soothing hot bath

These five key activities can be done at anytime when a feeling of severe stress is upon you, while you may not be able to take a hot bath anywhere it really helps to relax you when all else fails. And if you absolutely have to eat, consider increasing your protein intake to help the body absorb the affects of stress and will help the body react much better.

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