Understanding The Basic Yoga Movements

Before you move on to a comprehensive yoga session, it is important that you understand basic yoga movements in the first place. Let us take a look at these movements for different body parts.


Basic neck movements
Neck movement 1
Sit straight in the vajrasana position. Make sure that your spine is erect and your neck straight. Without bending your body, start bending your neck forward. Now, bring your neck back to the normal position. Repeat the process by bending your neck backward, left and right.

Neck movement 2
This one involves rotating your neck. Sit straight in the vajrasana position. Rotate your neck in the clockwise direction from your right shoulder to the back and then to the left shoulder. Now repeat this in the anticlockwise direction.

Basic shoulder movements
Shoulder movement 1
Sit in the vajrasana position. Your hands should be by your sides. Now, slowly lift both your shoulders as high as possible. Bring them back down after a few minutes.

Shoulder movement 2
Be seated in the vajrasana position. Hold the left shoulder with the left fist and the right shoulder with the right fist. Now bring both the elbows closer towards the chest. The elbows of both the arms should touch each other. Rotate both the folded arms in the opposite direction.

Basic hand movements
Hand movement 1
Relax in shavasana position. Spread your legs so that your feet are at least 12 inches away from each other. Your hands should be 6 inches away from your body. Lift your hands above the head till both the palms meet.

Hand movement 2
Lie down in the shavasana position. Lift your hand and rotate them towards the head, while keeping your arms straight. Your hand should be straight till the time forearms cross. Let the crisscrossed forearms touch the ground. Now in the same cross position, raise the hand and bring it towards your stomach.

Basic leg movements
Leg movement 1
Lie down in the supine position. Fold your hands around your head. Fold your left leg in the knee so that the left heel touches the hip. Repeat this with the right leg.

Leg movement 2
Relax in the supine position. Raise your left leg above the ground. Rotate your leg in the clockwise direction followed by the anticlockwise direction. Repeat this with the left leg.

Leg movement 3
Lie down in the supine position. Bring your hands at the height of your shoulder. Your hands and shoulder should be in one single line. Try to touch your right side using the left leg. Repeat this with the right leg.

Basic knee movements
Knee movement 1
Relax in supine position. Keep your hands around your head. Fold your leg so that your heel touches the hips. Now, turn your legs to the left side. Make sure that you turn only your legs and your upper body stays firm.

Knee movement 2
Relax in the supine position. Bend both your legs so that the heels touch the hips. Now, try to touch the right toes using your left leg, while your right leg presses to the right thigh.
Practice these basic movements to ensure that you get your yoga practice right.